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Neo Legend :
The Passion for arcade.

Neo Legend's arcade machines are original products conceived from the study of a number of former models, from which the best elements have been retained, both technical and visual. They are assembled in France with the highest quality components from selected suppliers. The care taken in their design and manufacture make them authentic products with a contemporary look and professional reliability. Unique to the market, Neo Legend arcade machines are exceptional products with a true character that proudly bare the Neo Legend hallmark.

Conceived from original ideas and incorporating the latest technologies, Neo Legend's arcade machines are assembled in our own workshop with an unrivalled finishing touch. The chosen components meet the highest quality standard for the ultimate arcade experience.

Beyond the recognized quality of its machines, Neo Legend is known for its expertise in customization and previously unseen graphic design. Furthermore, Neo Legend has designed its own games system, the Arcade Box, which continues to evolve.

Neo Legend rediscovers the passion for video games thanks to professional quality equipment giving the best access to short, simple and fun games with optimum control - arcade games. At the beginning of video games, the Arcade era had a promise of quality games that were easily accessible and perfectly controllable.

The company, created in 2007, originally renovated arcade machines for collectors before halting it in 2014 and, having been enriched by this unique experience, deciding to focus on the sale of new products.

Founded and led by a team of enthusiasts, Neo Legend is growing quickly with the ambition to innovate beyond just retrogaming and to breathe new life into a machine. They want to be a testimony to the history of video games and a platform for the older games, whilst hosting the arcade games of today and also of those tomorrow, which will continue to enthuse gamers from around the world !

They already believe in us